Case Studies

Case Study 1: Strategic Digital Transformation at Stone X Group

Challenge: Stone X Group needed a comprehensive overhaul of its global marketing communications to improve brand engagement and reach in competitive markets.

Solution: As Global Head of Marketing Communications, I spearheaded the formation of a new social media team and introduced strategic digital engagements. My approach utilized customer-centric USPs and benefits to drive lead generation effectively.

Outcome: Achieved a remarkable 19% growth in LinkedIn followership within just three months, generating 6 Marketing Qualified Leads with a potential close sale value of $300K from a strategic minor test spend of $12K. This initiative showcased the direct impact of thoughtful content strategy and digital marketing on brand visibility and lead generation.

Case Study 2: Operational Excellence and Innovation at The Marketing Agent 

Challenge: As an entrepreneur and consultant, I faced the challenge of driving strategic decision-making and new business growth for various clients across diverse markets.

Solution: I employed problem-solving sessions, built long-term lead generation plans, and managed a team of subcontractors to deliver tailored digital marketing solutions. This included content localization and leveraging data insights for SaaS product positioning.

Outcome: My strategies resulted in significant market growth and sustainable business success, with highlights including a pioneering global sales initiative for Medable that increased win rates and marketing ROI by 20%.


Case Study: Strategic Marketing Leadership During a Maternity Transition at Medable

Challenge: Medable required interim leadership to maintain momentum and innovate within their marketing and sales departments during a crucial maternity leave absence. The company needed to adapt to dynamic market demands while enhancing its value proposition and generating market-qualified leads (MQLs).

Solution: Stepping into this transitional leadership role, I quickly adapted to the market environment and spearheaded a series of innovative marketing and sales initiatives. My efforts focused on creating strategic campaigns with persona-based narratives, which included success stories, thought leadership, and leveraging industry partnerships. I led the organization of both virtual and in-person events, as well as educational workshops, significantly boosting MQLs and customer engagement.

In collaboration with senior leaders and cross-functional teams across Sales, Creative, Strategy, and Product Marketing, I refined tailored content for diverse customer segments. This content ranged from fact sheets to slides and videos. A notable initiative was launching the first-ever global sales initiative, which included training and coaching the sales team in collaboration with the global marketing team, aimed at fostering development and cooperation.

Outcome: My proactive leadership not only maintained but enhanced Medable’s market presence during the transitional period. The strategic initiatives I introduced increased the win rate and optimized marketing ROI. Additionally, I developed and mentored a team of customer marketing managers, maintained a sales enablement website, and supported various joint marketing collaborations and event management tasks. My ability to integrate quickly and drive substantial results during my tenure demonstrated effective management of both transitional and strategic challenges, ultimately bolstering Medable's positioning and customer engagement in a competitive market.

Case Study: Enhancing Social Media Engagement and Sales at Canyon Ranch Luxury Resort

Challenge: Canyon Ranch, a luxury resort frequented by celebrities, faced the challenge of enhancing its social media engagement to translate into direct sales increases. The initial engagement rate was relatively low at 4%, and there was a need to elevate the brand's social media presence while maintaining its luxury market position.

Solution: As the newly appointed Digital Social Media Director, I implemented a comprehensive strategy aimed at increasing engagement and driving sales without resorting to discounts, which aligns with the brand’s premium positioning. The strategy focused on marketing not only to celebrities and their teams but also targeting affluent regions such as NYC, California, and Texas. I utilized social media platforms to bring the relaxing and luxurious experiences of Canyon Ranch into the daily lives of potential guests through value-added content. This content included vivid storytelling of guest experiences, timely reminders to rebook, and engaging posts that reflected the serene environment of the resort.

Outcome: After implementing the new social media strategies, the engagement rate on our platforms significantly increased from 4% to 11% within just six months. This heightened engagement successfully translated into a 3% increase in sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeting high-influence regions and maintaining a luxury brand appeal. The approach of integrating the resort’s relaxing memories into everyday social media interactions not only reinforced brand loyalty but also attracted a new clientele seeking premium, non-discounted luxury experiences.

This case study exemplifies the power of strategic social media marketing in enhancing brand engagement and driving sales in the luxury resort industry, even without promotional discounts.


Case Study: Integrating Digital and In-Home Experiences for "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on The Learning Channel Reality Show

Challenge: The Learning Channel sought to expand the viewer engagement of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," a reality TV show, by creating complementary digital content that would extend the television experience into viewers' homes. The goal was to increase audience interaction and viewership through innovative, integrated media content.

Solution: Contracted by little m media, I spearheaded the development of a unique in-home viewer engagement strategy that aligned closely with the weekly themes of the television show. As the producer and talent, I created 8 webisodes that directly tied into the show's content, offering viewers enhanced interactive experiences. For instance, following an episode on salmon catching, we launched an at-home engagement where viewers could submit their favorite salmon recipes. The winning recipe was then prepared by a Michelin-starred chef in NYC, with the results featured in a subsequent webisode. Other interactive webisodes focused on themes like habitat restoration and Alaska travel and tourism, further deepening viewer engagement with relevant and educational content.

Outcome: The strategy proved highly successful, generating a significant increase in digital engagement. We amassed 38,000 new Facebook fans and hosted three Twitter parties, which facilitated real-time discussions and built a community around the show. The digital extensions not only enhanced the viewing experience but also solidified viewer loyalty to the series, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating TV content with interactive, web-based experiences.

This case study highlights the potential of multimedia integration in boosting viewer engagement and loyalty for television programming, providing a blueprint for other shows looking to expand their audience interaction through digital media.


Case Study: Branding and Launching the Young Global Leadership Foundation at the United Nations

Challenge: The United Nations' Soroptimist section aimed to establish a new internal startup, the Young Global Leadership Foundation, designed to foster leadership skills among young individuals globally. The challenge was to create a compelling brand identity, develop service offerings, optimize engagement processes for mentors and mentees, and establish a robust digital presence—all within a tight three-month timeline.

Solution: As a consultant, I was brought on board to guide the branding and operational setup of the Young Global Leadership Foundation. My role involved:

  • Branding: Collaborating with designers and stakeholders to create a new logo and brand identity that resonated with both potential mentors and mentees.
  • Service Offerings: Developing clear and appealing service offerings, including mentorship programs and leadership training modules, tailored to the needs and aspirations of young leaders.
  • Engagement Optimization: Designing an effective connection framework to ensure meaningful interactions between mentors and mentees. This included establishing criteria for matching, creating an application process, and defining selection protocols to maintain high standards and relevance.
  • Digital Presence: Building a social media strategy to engage with a global audience and creating a website that serves as a central hub for information, applications, and updates on the foundation’s activities.

Outcome: The launch of the Young Global Leadership Foundation was a resounding success. Within three months of launch, the new website attracted 20,000 unique visitors, significantly enhancing the foundation's visibility and reach. The newly established brand identity and logo effectively communicated the mission and values of the foundation, fostering a strong initial engagement. This foundational work not only set the stage for the foundation's ongoing activities but also positioned it as a pivotal player in global youth leadership development.

This case study exemplifies the impact of strategic branding and operational planning in launching a significant initiative within a major international organization, showcasing the ability to achieve rapid and effective results through focused efforts and expert guidance.

Case Study: Global Marketing Strategy for Transcendental Meditation and the David Lynch Foundation

Challenge: The Transcendental Meditation (TM) program and the David Lynch Foundation sought to enhance their global visibility and effectively market their unique value proposition to a wider audience. Given TM's notable benefits, as highlighted by high-profile celebrities, the challenge was to communicate these advantages globally.

Solution: To develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, I embarked on an on-site visit to Fairfield, Iowa, where I engaged deeply with the TM program. This firsthand experience allowed me to authentically capture and convey the essence of TM and its benefits. The strategy included:

  • Celebrity Endorsements: Leveraging high-profile endorsements from celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld, Katy Perry, Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Russell Brand, Ray Dalio, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the program's proponent David Lynch. These endorsements were used to lend credibility and draw attention.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Launching targeted social media campaigns that showcased personal stories and testimonials from TM practitioners, including celebrities. These narratives illustrated the transformative impact of TM on personal and professional life.
  • Paid Media: Strategically placing paid advertisements across global platforms, emphasizing the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of TM, appealing to a broad demographic.
  • Content Marketing: Creating engaging and informative content, such as blogs, videos, and infographics that explained TM’s unique meditation approach. This content was shared widely across digital platforms to educate and intrigue potential practitioners.

Outcome: The strategic marketing efforts significantly increased global awareness and interest in TM and the David Lynch Foundation. Utilizing celebrity endorsements effectively captured public attention, while the targeted social media and paid media campaigns ensured that the message reached a diverse audience worldwide. The integrated approach not only educated people about the benefits of TM but also drove increased participation in TM programs globally.

This case study demonstrates the power of combining celebrity endorsements with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to amplify the reach and impact of wellness programs on a global scale.

Case Study: Enhancing Global Academic Engagement for the Fulbright Foundation in Berlin

Challenge: The Fulbright Foundation in Berlin aimed to strengthen its marketing and outreach efforts to better connect students and faculty across the UK, US, and Germany. The objective was to promote cross-cultural academic exchanges and collaborations but faced challenges in effectively communicating the benefits and opportunities of such programs to a diverse international audience.

Solution: As part of the team tasked with revitalizing the Fulbright Foundation’s marketing and outreach strategy, I implemented a series of targeted initiatives designed to increase visibility and engagement among academic communities in the UK, US, and Germany. The strategy included:

  • Multichannel Marketing Campaigns: Developed and executed comprehensive marketing campaigns using digital and traditional media to reach prospective students and faculty. These campaigns highlighted the unique opportunities available through the Fulbright program, focusing on the benefits of international academic cooperation and exchange.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Fostered relationships with key academic institutions and cultural organizations in the three target countries to facilitate outreach and engagement. This included setting up events, seminars, and webinars that served as platforms for information sharing and networking.
  • Content Marketing: Created engaging, informative content tailored to the academic community. This included success stories, program benefits, and detailed guides on application processes, designed to demystify the experience and encourage participation.
  • Social Media Engagement: Leveraged social media platforms to create a community feeling among current and prospective participants. Used platforms popular in each target country to share updates, event notifications, and testimonials from past participants, enhancing the foundation's visibility and accessibility.

Outcome: The revamped marketing and outreach initiatives led to a marked increase in applications and participation from students and faculty in the UK, US, and Germany. The strategic partnerships and events significantly boosted the foundation's profile, while the content and social media strategies improved engagement rates and fostered a sense of community among participants. Ultimately, the Fulbright Foundation in Berlin successfully expanded its reach and strengthened its position as a leader in international educational exchanges.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a targeted marketing approach in enhancing the global impact of academic programs, facilitating richer cultural exchanges, and supporting the academic growth and international aspirations of students and faculty.


Case Study: Strategic Business Transformation at Verse Innovation Agency, UK

Challenge: Verse Innovation Agency required a comprehensive redesign of its commercial strategy and an overhaul of its digital marketing, customer success, and sales departments to align with aggressive growth objectives.

Solution: As an integral member of the leadership team, I led the design and implementation of a new commercial strategy, including setting KPIs and refining remote communication and corporate culture. My focus extended to restructuring the Digital Marketing and Customer Success departments and establishing a new Sales department. This involved hiring Business Development Managers (BDMs) and enhancing Customer Service (CS) education. I also identified critical operational and system gaps requiring intervention and initiated a performance review framework to boost productivity and efficiency. Additionally, I spearheaded a rebranding of the agency's website and sales materials to modernize the customer interface and improve sales engagement.

Outcome: The strategic overhaul led to a more structured and effective operation, equipped with a renewed focus on key performance indicators and enhanced team communication. The new sales department and revamped educational programs significantly boosted the agency's operational capabilities, positioning Verse Innovation Agency for sustained growth and market competitiveness. The fresh look and feel of the website and sales pitch decks further strengthened the agency's market presence, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

Case Study: Operational Excellence in Internal Advertising at Stone X Group

Challenge: Stone X Group required a strategic overhaul of its internal advertising agency operations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing outputs across multiple departments, including Design, Video, Content, Commentary, Web Operations, Digital Experience, and Traffic Coordination.

Solution: As the leader of the internal advertising agency comprising 7 direct reports and an extended team of 180 professionals, I implemented scalable operations processes and rigorous budgeting techniques to optimize cost and time allocations. This strategic focus aimed to enhance the quality and speed of delivery for marketing projects. I facilitated cross-functional collaboration with Global Acquisitions, Regional Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Product Development, and UX/UI teams to ensure strategies were integrated and aligned with the company's overarching business goals.

Key initiatives included:

  • Integrating a new JIRA system to streamline project management and workflow.
  • Launching the first global Marketing Compliance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to set new standards in service level and capacity planning.
  • Establishing Stone X Uni and various developmental programs, including Loom pep talks, to unify business units and enhance stakeholder communication.
  • Implementing global squad allocations to invigorate team dynamics and improve workflow and project deployment.
  • Outcome: These strategic initiatives significantly enhanced the operational efficiency and collaborative dynamics within the team, leading to faster and higher-quality marketing outputs. The new systems and processes not only streamlined internal operations but also positioned Stone X Group to effectively meet future challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. These improvements have had a profound impact on the company’s overall marketing strategy and business growth.